High quality wood drying service using the latest technology

Let us introduce ourselves

Driven by the idea of sustainable development, we implement new and innovative technologies that are acceptable for the environment in order to develop the local community.

Sirocco company, part of the Akuoenergy group, was founded in 2020.

We have 20 dryers, each 130 m³, a total of 2600 m³.

We use the heat obtained during the production of electricity in the Grubišno Polje Power Plant.


To register in the system, please send your details to email sirocco@sirocco.hr

specification of goods and mode of transport

packages marking

real-time process monitoring

preparation of goods and documents

verification of documents and shipping

Contact us

+ 385 91 604 9660


Poduzetnička cesta I. 4, Grubišno Polje

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